latex exmination glove Wholesale cheap prices top medical latex examination gloves

latex exmination glove Wholesale cheap prices top medical latex examination gloves

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protective gloves that are produced with quality materials to service a broad range of industries such as healthcare, dental, laboratory, industrial, pet clinics, tattoo parlors, food processing and food service.

Exam gloves are the norm whenever there is a procedure where cleanliness is needed. Exam gloves are used to help prevent the spread of germs as well as help provide protection against cross-contamination as workers can be exposed to biological hazards through body fluids, blood and blood-borne pathogens.

​Please remember that one glove type may not serve well for all tasks. General purpose Vinyl and Poly gloves are great for tasks in food handling and housekeeping. Nitrile and Latex medical exam gloves are needed during procedures and patient care activities.

Product Detail

powder-free glovesare disposable made from quality soft and supple natural rubber latex. These latex powder-free gloves offer exceptional elasticity, making them easy to don and use over extended time. The textured feature is good for wet or dry grip.

powder-free gloves provide fluid protection during procedures and activities as healthcare and food service workers can be exposed to biological hazards that are commonly carried through human blood, bodily fluids, tissues, bloodborne pathogens and specimens. Furthermore, our Latex powder-free gloves help provide protection against relatively small volume of chemical usage and minor splash potential. Allura™ Latex powder-free gloves are produced with great barrier protection which comply with the following FDA regulations for healthcare and food service industries

  1. This product is disposable that it should be discarded once used. The mask shall be replaced after 4-6 hours of continuous wear.



- Medical Grade. Powder-Free

- Great Barrier Protection

- Superior Fit and Feel

- Excellent Tactile Sensitivity

- Beaded Cuffs. Wrist Length

- Soft Material that Forms to Hands

- Extra Comfort During Long Procedures

- Fully Textured for Good Wet or Dry Grip

- Stronger Than Synthetic Vinyl Gloves

- Good for Biological and Water-Based Material

Material PVC polyvinyl chloride
Grade Industrial, Medical and Food grade
Color Clear, White, Blue, Yellow
Specification Powder Free or Powdered
size SML
Weight M4.0+/-0.3g M4.5+/-0.3g M5.0+/-0.3g M5.5+/-0.3g

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