Two-component board glue

Two-component board glue

short description:

Product features:

1. Material: by the main agent and curing agent ratio.

2. Appearance: milky white liquid.

3. Suitable for manual daub, strong stickability, superior performance, convenient construction.

4. Application: Widely used in solid wood doors and Windows, solid wood furniture, solid wood flooring, solid wood boards, integrated boards, wood products bonding and so on.

  • type: PVAC-PB
  • Specifications: 1L、5KG、10KG、25KG、50KG
  • Exterior color: Main agent (Ivory) Hardener (light brown)
  • Solid content: Main agent(≥50%) Hardener(≥99%)
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Product Detail

    5. Usage:

    (1) Pretreatment: base material leveling, glue, according to the proportion of the main agent (milky white) and curing agent (dark brown) 10:1 ratio.Stir the glue evenly, and the mixed glue should be used up within 30 ~ 60 minutes.

    (2) sizing: sizing should be completed in 1 minute, the cloth glue is uniform and the end cloth glue should be sufficient.

    (3) composite: pressure time to be sufficient, the coated plate in 1 minute, 3 minutes must be pressurized, pressure time 45 ~ 120 minutes, special hardwood 2 ~ 4 hours.Pressure strength should be enough, cork 500 ~ 1000kg/m2, hardwood 800 ~ 15000kg/m2.

    (4) Post-treatment: after pressure relief to keep healthy, health temperature above 20℃, 24 hours can be lightly processed (saw, planer), 72 hours after the deep processing, during the period to avoid sunlight and rain wet.

    Product name: two-component plywood adhesive

    Type of PVAC - PB

    Capacity multiple specifications

    The exterior color is milky white

    Curing 50%

    Brands have to match

    Viscosity (MPa ·s) 5000-8000

    PH 5-6

    Curing time 2-4 hours

    Shelf life is 12 months

    Product parameters


    product name Two-component board glue  Brand name desay
    type PVAC-PB ViscosityMPA.S) 5000-8000
    Specifications 1L5KG10KG25KG50KG PH 5-6
    Exterior color Main agent (Ivory)Hardener (light brown) Curing time 2-4h
    Solid content Main agent≥50%Hardener≥99% Shelf life 12 months




    1、Strong adhesion

    2、Excellent water resistance

    3、Stable in nature






    Scope of application

    It is suitable for jigsaw bonding of non-structural materials and structural materials.




    1、Pretreatment: The moisture content of the wood should be controlled between 8-12%; the bonding base surface should be smooth and flat, without warpage, dust, oil, etc.

    2、Sizing: the main agent: curing agent (10: 1) ratio mixing needs to fully stir for 3-5 minutes, until uniform. After the glue is prepared, it should be used up within 1-2 hours. Bubbles and volume expansion may occur during use, which is a normal phenomenon. You can continue to use after slight stirring.

    3、Curing: The pressing time is generally 2-4 hours, depending on the temperature 

    and humidity of the construction environment.



    1.Base material leveling is key:

    Flatness standard: ± 0.1mm Water content standard: 8% -12%;

    2. The proportion of glue is very important:

    The main agent (white) and curing agent (dark brown) are mixed at a ratio of 100: 10 according to the corresponding ratio;

    3. Stir the glue evenly:

    Use a stirrer to repeatedly pick up the colloid 3-5 times, without the filamentous brown liquid. The mixed glue solution should be used up within 30-60 minutes;

    4. The glue application speed is fast and accurate:

    The glue application should be completed within 1 minute. The glue should be uniform and the glue on the end should be sufficient.

    5.Pressure time should be sufficient

    The coated boards are pressed together within 1 minute, and must be pressurized within 3 minutes. The pressing time is 45-120 minutes, and the hardwood is 2-4 hours;

    6, the pressure should be sufficient:

    Pressure: softwood 500-1000kg / ㎡ hardwood 800-15000kg / ;

    7, after decompression to maintain health:

    The health temperature is above 20 ° C, it can be lightly processed (saw, planed) in 24 hours, and can be further processed in 72 hours. Avoid sunlight and rain during the period;

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