Transparent waterproof glue

Transparent waterproof glue

short description:

Product features

Colorless transparent

Good film

Heat resistant corrupt

Good permeability

UV resistance to acid and alkali

  • Appearance: white or transparent paste
  • Solid content (%) : 35 soil 1
  • Viscosity (Cps / 25 ° C): 6000-8000
  • Tg (°C): 8
  • Drying time (h): surface dryness ≤4, solid dryness ≤12
  • Bonding strength (Mpa) : ≥ 1.0
  • Product Detail

    Transparent waterproof adhesive is a colorless and transparent polymer exterior wall waterproof emulsion which is based on special copolymerization emulsion, and is refined from a variety of high-quality imported auxiliaries and special monomers.The colloid can form a layer of transparent film like glass after curing, does not affect the original decorative effect, its high transparency, waterproof, moisture-proof effect is very ideal, and strong adhesion, no dust, high water tightness, convenient construction


    1. Colorless and transparent, it will not destroy the decorative effect of the original decorative wall after coating

    2. Heat resistance, pollution resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high adaptability to climate

    3. The film has good film forming property, softness, toughness, and can resist the gravity generated by micro-crack at the base

    4. With water as the dispersing medium, cold construction, simple operation, convenient construction, can be directly sprayed, scraping brush on the wall


    Range of application

    1. It is suitable for the waterproof and seepage prevention of decorative ceramic tile, Mosaic, marble, glass curtain wall, reservoir, kitchen and bathroom, plastic, and FRP products, etc

    2. Waterproof repair of exterior wall leakage of various buildings

    3. Waterproof treatment at the interface of various finishing materials

    4. Waterproof, moisture-proof and seepage-proof on the surface of various internal and external wall mounting materials

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