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  • This new polymerization method opens the door to more effective antifouling coatings

    The accumulation of microorganisms on the surface is a challenge for both the shipping and biomedical industries.Some popular anti-pollution polymer coatings undergo oxidative degradation in seawater, making them ineffective over time.Amphoteric ion (molecules with negative and positive charges a...
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  • A polymer coating that cools buildings

    Engineers have developed a high-performance external PDRC (passive daytime radiation cooling) polymer coating with air gaps ranging from nanometres to miniscels that can be used as a spontaneous air cooler for rooftops, buildings, water tanks, vehicles and even spacecraft — anything that ca...
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  • A coating for solar power generation that can replace silicon

    At present, some kind of “magic” coating can be used to replace “silicon” in solar power generation.If it hits the market, it could significantly reduce the cost of solar power and bring the technology into everyday use. Using solar panels to absorb the sun’s rays, a...
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