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Desay Chemical is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of glue with more than 10 years experience. We have a big market both in China and foreign market with a world wide good reputation.

Our Mission

our mission is including "Quality as the core" " customer satisfaction as the first principle".

we provide the best serivice with the most reasonable price

Our product categories

Our star products include transparent glue, PVA white glue, SBS universal glue and polyurethane glue. We also provide quality ingredients such as rosin and VAE latex

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customer satisfaction


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Who we are

Jiangyin Desay Chemical Trade CO.,LTD,Wholesale distribution of adhesive, white latex, polyvinyl alcohol adhesive, pu glue best-selling consumer market.among consumers enjoy a higher status, the company with a number of retailers and agents to establish a long-term stable relationship of cooperation.Jiangyin desai chemical trade co., LTD. Distribution of adhesives, white latex, paper tube glue, polyvinyl alcohol glue, building glue varieties complete, reasonable price.Jiangyin desai chemical trade co., LTD. Strong strength, credit, abide by the contract, ensure product quality, with a variety

From the outset, Jiangyin Desay Chemical Trade CO.,LTD is characterized by a commitment to ensure that each customer has superior quality. Become the partner of the most important wholesaler in the chemical glue industry.

Service area

  We have our own independent brand glue, BOPP special glue series, glue series, PE series of PVC glue, ABS glue series, waterproof glue series, glue series, glue series of water-based glue, white latex, plastic hardware products, mainly used in the toy industry, sports sports goods, comb brush industry, daily household gifts, lighting industry, packaging printing, paper-plastic products, electronic products and other fields.As a famous glue brand, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, continuous progress, with high quality products, perfect service, reasonable price, won the industry customers praise, and unanimous recognition, to the high-end market product positioning, best-selling domestic and foreign markets, we are sincere to wait, welcome customers from all walks of life to visit and negotiate!

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The following are some of our certificates, including transportation certificate, product inspection certificate,
SMDS,SGS, etc. If you need the certificate of the corresponding product, please contact us

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