Carton machine sealant glue

Carton machine sealant glue

short description:

Product features:

1. Material: copolymerized from a variety of high quality resins

2 appearance: milky white viscous liquid

3. Suitable for box pasting machine, strong adhesion, fast drying, stable properties, suitable for adhesive surface single-side color printing laminated paper.

4. Application: Widely used in gold card paper, color printing paper, special paper, BOPP, PVC glazing materials and other single-sided laminated paper-plastic packaging boxes, gift boxes, wine boxes, handbags, etc. Adhesion, sealing edge sealing.

  • type: SEAL-H
  • Specifications: 0.5L、0.68L、1L、1.3L、5KG、10KG、25KG
  • Exterior color: milky
  • Solid content: 50-55%
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Product Detail

    5. Usage:

    (1) pretreatment: glue stirring evenly

    (2) sizing: glue is added to the corresponding glue storage place, and the machine can be started

    (3) curing: cartons/cartons from the machine after bundling or stacked standing again, so that the glue fully solidified

    (4) to prevent the phenomenon of bouncing off.


    Product name: special sealing glue for box pasting machine

    Type SEAL – H

    Capacity multiple specifications

    The exterior color is milky white

    Curing 50-55%

    Brands have to match

    Viscosity (MPa ·s) 22000±2000

    PH 6-7

    Curing time 5-10 minutes

    Shelf life is 12 months

    Product parameters


    product name Carton machine sealant  Brand name desay
    type SEAL-H ViscosityMPS.S) 18000±2000
    Specifications 0.5L0.68L1L1.3L5KG10KG25KG PH 6-7
    Exterior color milky Curing time 10-30min
    Solid content 50-55% Shelf life 12 months


    Packaging specifications






    1、Strong viscosity and stable properties

    2The glue becomes transparent after solidification




    Scope of application

    Suitable for gold cardboard, color printing paper and other single-sided coated paper and plastic packaging boxes, gift boxes, sealing, edge sealing.


    It can be directly painted on the machine without adding water and thinning. Stir well before use. Be sure to keep the glue in the wet state. After bonding, the material should be kept pressed for more than 30 minutes, and then dried naturally.


    1. Do not mix this product with other glue, otherwise the glue will deteriorate and cannot be used.

    2. Seal immediately after taking the glue to avoid air-drying and skinning. The glue taking tools must be clean, so as not to bring in impurities and affect the quality.

    3. The materials of OPP and BOPP are relatively inert and difficult to adhere. Therefore, they should be used in accordance with the operation method when they are adhered. Otherwise, bursting may easily occur.

    4. Whether the bonding effect is perfect, please observe after 8 hours of drying.

    The color and viscosity of this product will change with storage time and temperature. It is an inherent property of the glue, but it does not affect the bonding effect of the glue.


    storage method

    After use, it should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place, the temperature is (10 ~ 30 ℃), and avoid direct sunlight.

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