diy epoxy resin for art clear resin epoxy for diy craft jewelry non toxic epoxy resin

diy epoxy resin for art clear resin epoxy for diy craft jewelry non toxic epoxy resin

short description:

Method of use the scale,put on the measruing cup and clear it

2.Put glue A first,then glue B ,the proportion is 1.25:1

3.Stir evenly until it is transparent and uniform without drawing

4.The mixed glue is still for a few minutes.when the bubble disappears pour it into the grinding tool

5.Use toothpick to stick a little color to the glue dropping mold,and stir ie slightly to the desired ink effect

6.Or pour the toner poeder into the prepared gutta percha,stir evenly and then pour into the mold

7.It can be demoulded after the adhesive is completely solidified,usually it takes 24h in room temperature

8.After demoulding,polish slightly,the finished product will be more beautiful

Product Detail

CAS No.:


Other Names:

diy drop glue

Place of Origin:



Double Components Adhesives

Main Raw Material:

epoxy resin


Woodworking, diy

Model Number:



diy glue

Product name:

Epoxy Resin Crystal drops of AB Glue



volume proportion:


weight proportion:


curing time:


shelf time:

six months

Package size:



1 kilogram


Coating purposes

Epoxy resin has a large proportion in the application of coatings, it can be made into a variety of different characteristics, different uses.Its universality:

1.Good chemical resistance, especially alkali resistance.

2.The film has strong adhesion, especially to metal.

3.It has good heat resistance and electrical insulation.

4.The film has good color retention.

Adhesive USES

Epoxy resin in addition to polyolefin and other non-polar plastic bonding is not good, for a variety of metal materials such as aluminum, iron, copper;Non-metallic materials such as glass, wood, concrete, etc.As well as thermosetting plastics such as phenolic, amino, unsaturated polyester and so on have excellent bonding properties, so it is known as versatile adhesive.Epoxy adhesive is an important type of structural adhesive.

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