China face mask suppliers disposable 3 ply dust face mask for adult

China face mask suppliers disposable 3 ply dust face mask for adult

short description:

* Disposable Face Mask Advantages: 3 layers of filtration, no odor, anti-allergic materials, sanitary packaging, good breathability.

* Sanitary mask effectively prevent inhalation of dust, pollen, hair, flu, germ, etc.. Suitable for daily cleaning, allergic
people, service personnel (medical, dental, nursing, catering, clinic, beauty, nail, pet, etc.), as well as patients who need
respiratory protection

Product Detail

The product design

* Three-layer folding: 3D breathing space

Hidden nose clip: can follow facial contour adjustment, fit the face

*  High-elastic, round or flat earloop low pressure, ears more comfortable

*  Select good materials to makeeffectively filter harmful substances

product each breath

The material

* Skin-friendly non-woven clothfilter molten spray cloth ( PEE95%

* waterproof and breatnableafter waterproof test to ensure product quality

*meltblown layer fire testhigh-efficiency melt-blown fire han a relatively high ignition point ,and ordinary flames cannot be ignited

*using ultrasonic spot welding technology,it is firm and resistant to pilling

Directions for use

Hang left band and right band to your ears, or wear them or tie them on your head

Point nose clip to nose and gently pinch nose clip to fit face shape

Open folding layer of mask and adjust until the mask can be sealed cover the muzzle


1. Please read the instructions carefully before use and use within the valid lifetime.
2. This product is for one-time use only.Check the package carefully before using. if the package is damaged, do not use.
3. After use, product shall be disposed according to the requirements of medical institutions or environmental protection departments.
4. This product is disposable that it should be discarded once used. The mask shall be replaced after 4-6 hours of continuous wear.


  Packing size The net weight Gross weight
2000 pieces of a box 54.5*40*41 8.8kg 11.2kg
2500 pieces of a box 54.5*40*50.5 11kg 13.8kg

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