3 ply non-woven disposable filter protective face mask from china

3 ply non-woven disposable filter protective face mask from china

short description:

Description:Non-woven fabric masks manufactured by hot pressing; consisting of Non-woven fabric and melt-blown filter, nose strip, and mouth-piece tape.
Material: Non-woven fabric and melt-blown filter
Type: 3 ply disposable medical mask
Color: blue
Standard:The bacterial filtration efficiency of the mask should not be less than 95%. (Same as the bacterial filtration efficiency in “YY 0469-2011 Medical Surgical Mask”)

We can support in stock ready to ship, disposable medical surgical mask, bacterial filtration effect can be >95%.

Product Detail

Disposable medical care in a general environment. For all kinds of clinical personnel to wear during non-invasive operation, to provide a certain physical barrier for direct penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, particulate matter.
Instruction of Usage:
1)Take the products, tear off the external bag and wear the surgical mask to cover the month and nose.
2)It is a product for single use after sterilization and cannot be reused. Don’t use the product in case of damage of the interior package.

Directions for use

Hang left band and right band to your ears, or wear them or tie them on your head

Point nose clip to nose and gently pinch nose clip to fit face shape

Open folding layer of mask and adjust until the mask can be sealed cover the muzzle


1. Please read the instructions carefully before use and use within the valid lifetime.
2. This product is for one-time use only.Check the package carefully before using. if the package is damaged, do not use.
3. After use, product shall be disposed according to the requirements of medical institutions or environmental protection departments.
4. This product is disposable that it should be discarded once used. The mask shall be replaced after 4-6 hours of continuous wear.


Face Mask Type Disposable Mask
Material/Fabric 3 ply (100% new material)

1st ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP

2nd ply: 25g/m2 melt-blown PP (filter)

3rd ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP

Feature High BFE/PFE, Adjustable nose piece, Elastic earloop
Color Blue/White/Black
Size 17.5×9.5cm
Weight 2.9-3.2g/pc

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