Two-component polyurethane glue group angle glue

Two-component polyurethane glue group angle glue

short description:

Curing temperature: 25℃
Item No.: DS-6281
Color: off-white/brown
Shear strength: 12MPa (aluminum-aluminum)
Curing conditions: room temperature
Initial drying time: 20min-40min
Specification: 600ml/piece
Hardness: Shore 60
Density: 1.3-1.4g/cm³
Extrusion: ≥150ml/min
AB mixing viscosity: 260Pa.s
Shelf life: 24 months
Effective substances: 99%
Features: fast curing speed, high viscosity, environmental protection, waterproof and weather resistance.

Product Detail

1. Features
This product is a two-component polyurethane angle glue for high-quality doors and windows. It has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, high sealing, excellent high and low temperature performance, and excellent weather resistance.
Second, the scope of application
As a corner glue, it is designed for corner-connected aluminum alloy, steel-plastic co-extrusion, wood-aluminum composite, aluminum-plastic composite and other doors and windows. The corners are bonded to the wall of the profile cavity to strengthen the structure. It has high bonding strength, strong resistance to temperature difference, good weather resistance, and low elasticity after curing, so that the corner code and the profile can be connected flexibly, which effectively solves many problems such as cracking, dislocation, deformation and leakage of the window corner. Suitable for open gluing process.
It can also be used as a high-strength structural adhesive. It can bond most metals, wood, plastics, ceramics, stone, etc., and is used in a very wide range of places where structural bonding is required. Because of its high-viscosity paste-like properties, it can be used in some applications of caulking and filling.
3. Technical parameters
Appearance: Off-white paste, brown paste
Mixing ratio volume ratio: 1 1
Density (g/cm3) 1.4 ±0.05 1.4 ±0.05
Solid content: 100% 100%
Surface curing time (25℃): 20-40min
Hardness: Shao D60
Shear strength (aluminum/aluminum) ≥12MPa

recommended operating conditions
1. Mixing steps: Rotate the matching plastic mixer to the glue outlet. Use a manual double-cylinder glue gun or a pneumatic glue gun to evenly inject the glue into the mixer, and directly hit the dry, dust-free, and grease-free profile.
*For safety, it is not recommended to use the first 20g of mixed glue, because it may not be fully mixed due to consideration.
2. Use the glue mixed at room temperature within 20 minutes. The residual glue in the mixer can not be dried within 20 minutes. If the glue is continuously applied, one mixer can be used for one day.
*The next day, the mixer can be replaced with a new one. It is not recommended to use the first 20g of mixed rubber. To
3. Suggested dosage: about 20g per window corner on average.
Five, storage
Sealed, no direct sunlight, placed in a dry environment at 15°C to 25°C, the storage period of the original package is one year; the structural glue that has exceeded the shelf life should be confirmed for abnormalities before use.
Six, packaging
600mL double tube, each group is equipped with a special mixing hose. To
Note: The above technical data and information only represent the typical value of the product

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