Why is the universal glue packaged in tinplate?

Tinplate packaging is not exclusive to the universal glue industry, especially in food. Let’s learn about the story about tinplate together.

In China, tinplate was called “Yangtie” in the early days, and its scientific name was tin plated steel sheet. Because China’s first batch of foreign iron was imported from Macau in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Macau was transliterated “horse mouth” at that time, so the Chinese generally called it “tinplate”. Here are some of the main advantages of tinplate packaging.

1. Opacity

Strong light can easily cause material changes during filling, and tinplate cans are opaque, which can avoid the deterioration of universal glue caused by light.

2. Good sealing

The barrier of the packaging container to the universal glue and the outside air is very important. If the packaging quality is unqualified and there is air leakage, the universal glue will solidify in a relatively short time.
3. The reduction effect of tin

The tin on the inner wall of the tinplate will interact with the oxygen remaining in the container during filling, thereby providing an independent space for the universal glue that is completely free from oxygen and external moisture, which can effectively extend the shelf life of the universal glue.

4. Can be recycled

Tinplate packaging is a renewable resource. After the universal glue is used up, the outer packaging can be recycled and meets environmental protection standards.

5. Sturdy

Tinplate cans are relatively sturdy, with a certain degree of fire resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, and can provide effective protection to the universal glue.

Post time: Jun-08-2021