White latex

White latex, referred to as PVAC emulsion, is a thermoplastic adhesive, is a water-based environmental adhesive.

It can be cured at room temperature, faster curing, higher bonding strength, good toughness and durability of the bonding layer and not easy to aging.

It is widely used in wood, furniture, decoration, printing, textile, leather, papermaking and other industries because of its characteristics of good film forming, high bond strength, fast curing speed, good resistance to dilute acid and dilute alkali, easy to use, cheap price, no organic solvent and so on.

The characteristics of PVAC

1, for porous materials such as wood, paper, cotton, leather, ceramics and other strong adhesion, and high initial viscosity.

2, can be cured at room temperature, and curing speed is fast.

3, the film is transparent, does not pollute the adhesive, and is easy to process.

4, with water as the dispersion medium, no combustion, no toxic gas, no pollution to the environment, safe and pollution-free.

5. It is a single component viscous liquid, which is convenient to use.

6, the cured film has a certain toughness, dilute alkali, dilute acid, and oil resistance is also very good.

It is mainly used in wood processing, furniture assembly, cigarette nozzle, architectural decoration, fabric bonding, product processing, printing and binding, handicraft manufacturing and leather processing, label fixing, porcelain adhesive, is a kind of environmental protection adhesive.

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Post time: Aug-30-2021