Precautions for winter construction of beauty joint

After the cold dew, the weather is cool and the autumn air is cool, which is a good time for the construction of the beauty joint agent. However, due to the drop in temperature, the construction of the beauty joint is related to the indoor temperature, humidity and ventilation, which puts forward some new requirements for the construction of the beauty joint.


Walson Beauty Joints reminds everyone that the following items must be paid attention to in the construction of Winter Beauty Joints:

1. Temperature

01※ The construction temperature is required to be above 5℃

If the new house does not have heating during the US joint construction, electric heaters can be used to increase the temperature of the indoor construction environment. For construction sites with conditions, the air conditioner can be properly turned on to increase the temperature of the construction site.


02※ Close doors and windows tightly

The wind in winter is relatively cool, low temperature and cool breeze are easy to cause cracks and shrinkage of the beauty joint during the solidification process, remember to close the doors and windows when applying the beauty joint.
03※ Properly heat the product when the temperature is too low

When the indoor temperature is lower than 5℃ in winter, warm water at 40℃-60℃ can be used before construction to blanch the sealant product in the sealed state for about 10 minutes, so as not to mix the A component and B component of the beauty joint during construction. Uneven, the desired effect cannot be achieved after being printed out. When blanching in the bucket, the discharging port of the beauty joint agent faces down and the bottom faces up.

During winter construction, for large-particle toner glue (noble gold, noble silver, etc.), the glue nozzle must have a larger cut (but not the largest), which will ensure the uniformity of the toner in the colloid.


04※ The storage temperature is required to be above 5℃

The storage temperature of the beautifying agent in winter should be between 5℃-30℃.


05※ The floor heating must be beautifully stitched

In the north, floor heating is mostly used, and even more beautiful seams are used. Because no beautiful seams are made, the heat generated by the ground heating will flow out from the seams, which will bring out dust and breed bacteria.

Construction of floor heating conditions: Pay attention to the high temperature in the local area near the heater pipe, which will produce some air bubbles.

When the room is warm, you can turn off the heating for a while, wait until the temperature in the area with high local temperature drops, and then apply the glue, and then turn on the heating after the glue is applied. In this way, bubbles can be avoided.

Construction under floor heating conditions: When shoveling glue under heating conditions, try to avoid pulling the rubber strips in the gaps. Because under ventilating conditions, even if the colloid is cured, the hardness of the colloid will not rise, so it is easy to peel off the adhesive strip in the gap.

Post time: Jul-02-2021