Manufacturing of fire doors PU glue

The fire door is a new type of door developed in recent years to meet the increasingly high requirements of building fire protection. The types of fire doors are classified according to different fire resistance limits. According to the different fire resistance limits, the international standard (ISO) of fire doors is divided into three grades: A, B, and C. Class A fire door. Its fire resistance limit is 1.2h, and it is generally made of steel plate doors and house glass windows. Line A fire doors are Class B fire doors for the purpose of preventing the expansion of fire in the event of a fire. Its fire resistance limit is 0.9h. It is an all-steel door. A small glass window is opened on the door. The glass is 5mm thick laminated glass or fire-resistant glass. The main purpose of Class B fire doors is to prevent the spread of fire at the opening during a fire. Wooden fire doors with better performance can also reach Class B fire doors. Class C fire door. His fire resistance limit is 0.6h. It is an all-steel door. A small glass window is opened on the door. The glass is 5mm thick laminated glass. Most wooden fire doors are within this level. According to different materials. According to different materials, fire doors are divided into two types: wooden fire doors and steel fire doors. Wooden fire doors. That is, fire-resistant paint is applied to the surface of the wooden door, or a decorative fire-resistant rubber sheet is used for veneer to meet the fire protection requirements. Its fire performance is slightly worse. For steel fire doors, polyurethane glue is generally used inside to bond honeycomb cardboard, rock wool and steel plates as fillers to meet fire protection requirements. Our company Desai Chemical Trading Company is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane glue. We have been producing polyurethane PU glue for eight years. We have rich experience in the production of steel doors, security doors and wooden doors.

Post time: Jul-22-2021